Goodseed Clothing

Goodseed clothing is a local southern California based clothing company with a love and respect for nature and the outdoors. Back in 2009 we just wanted to create a few retro looking surf and snow tees for our own personal use. Soulful designs created to showcase our love of the ocean and mountains. After producing and wearing a few of our design samples we started getting a lot of positive feedback from our friends, family, and beyond. People went out of their way to compliment us on our shirts. This motivated us to keep designing more and one day we started thinking hmm… maybe people would like the opportunity to purchase and wear what we are creating? So, after several years of research and designing, we've refined our style and decided to start up a clothing line. Why the name Goodseed? A great and wise master once told his disciple to leave behind the good seeds for the coming generations, not rotten fruit. Since we also care about the environment, the planet, and all life on it, we were inspired to do our best to be as environmentally responsible as possible. That's why we use an apparel company which creates almost no landfill. Everything that they cannot turn into a garment is either recycled or repurposed. They are also 100% non-sweatshop, humane, and sustainable. On top of that, our printing is done locally in San Diego and we only use non-toxic water-based inks. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to planting trees globally.